Morph Support Functions in MRlib

© 2012, Martin Rinehart

Note: these functions are used by the morph functions (see the Morph Functions page). They should not be called directly, except to add additional morph functions.


morph_spec = morph_from_change( change_spec, num_frames )

Given a change_spec and number of frames, returns a morph_spec.

A change_spec is a string with start and stop values separated by a semicolor: "100px;200px". A morph_spec is an array of values, one per output frame: [ '100px', '102px', ..., '200px'].

Works for numbers (opacity), pixels, percent ('%' suffix), colors ('#rrggbb') and "two-px" values (borderRadius: '10px 20px').


morph_steps( start, end, nsteps, round )

Converts 3, 9, 4 into [3, 5, 7, 9].

The optional last argument, if true, rounds steps to the nearest integer.


morph_styles( element, morph_specs, millis_morph, millis_delay )

Morph styles contained in a morph_specs object.

A morph_specs object contains one property per style to morph. The name of the property is the name of the style. The value is the series of style values. Example:

var morph_specs = {
    top: ['100px', '102px', ... ],
    backgroundColor: ['#f0f0ff', '#efefff', ... ],


color_morph_array = spread_colors( start_color, end_color, ncolors )

Given start/end colors ('#rrggbb' form) returns a morphing array ([ '#f0f0ff', '#efefff', ... ].

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