Frontend Engineering, Volume II

CSS: Chapter 5 Companion—More Properties

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Four divs, borders varying, each side.

Four divs, borders varying, each side.

The above screenshots are from Example 5c on border properties. This is an example of the surprisingly large differences between browsers. These two used the same HTML/CSS page.

CSS 2.1 Properties' Standard (W3C Recommendation)

We wouldn't work without this one open:

History of the W3C CSS Working Group

What is the CSS WG? "Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group Charter" (note—"End date: 30 Sep 2013"):

Who is the CSS WG? Mar 2013 Membership:

In the beginning, "The WG was called 'CSS & FP WG' from 1997 to 2000." ( "Style Activity Statement"): 2013-11-07.

Beginning, from Tantek Çelik, a long time CSS WG participant, "CSS 2.1 and CSS3 Color become W3C Recommendations - A Few Open Web Standards Practices Learned": 2011-06-09.

CSS2 press release from: Cascading Style Sheets and Formatting Properties (CSS&FP) Working Group: 4 Nov., 1997.

Frustration boils over, middle of the CSS 2.1 turmoil "The CSS working group is irrelevant": 6/6/2007.

It may not have been fast, but the "W3C CSS WG Blog" happened: .

"An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C" six blog posts from fantasai (Elika J. Etemad): 2011-11-02.

Who is, and can we believe fantasai? Conference session with fantasai and Tab Atkins "Agile Standardization within the W3C Process at W3C's 2011 Technical Plenary": 2011.

Official W3C "The CSS Recommendation Track": 2007-11-01.

"CSS current work & how to participate" (official status, all modules):

Aural Properties

The standard covers these in Appendix A:

This is a condensed summary:

The CSS3 "speech" media replaces (and changes!) CSS 2.1 "aural" media:

Background Properties

These are specified with exceptional clarity in the standard:

Border Properties

For a quick summary (if you can't remember every border style, for example):

Text Properties

The color property:

Choosing line-height units:

Choosing optimal line-height:

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